Formula E’s Official Tire iON

Starting from the 2022/23 season, Hankook Tire was selected as the official, exclusive supplier and technology partner for the newly introduced GEN3 electric racing cars in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.
Now, all vehicles participating in the official Formula E competition will be equipped with Hankook Tire brand tires while racing.
Hankook Tire has and continues to explore innovative mobility options to lead the industry and continues to advance the technology related to electric vehicle tires.

Q&A about the Hankook iON

How much sustainable material is used in Hankook Formula E race tyres?

The tyres that Hankook have developed for Formula E deliver long-lasting performance and contain bio-sourced material and sustainable rubber. Natural rubber and recycled fibres make up to 30% of the current new Gen3 tyres and all tyres will be fully recycled after racing.


Hankook Formula E tyres have to be more durable than conventional race tyres, as they are used for longer in order to reduce waste. How was this achieved? What kind of materials play a major role in this respect?

To enhance durability of the tyre, Hankook tested different options that are already established for regular ultra-high-performance tyres. The right balance between tyre construction and tread pattern increases the durability of the Formula E race tyre.

Additionally, the polymer blend of the tread compound has been specifically designed using low glass transition temperature polymers to improve abrasion resistance.


Formula E will race on just one tyre type, instead of using both rain and slick options. What kind of challenge did this create for Hankook’s motorsport engineers?

The challenge of combining proper tyre grip in both wet and dry conditions with low rolling resistance, was achieved by using proven technology of Hankook ultra-high-performance tyres also used for powerful electric passenger cars. This consists of an accurate balance between an optimised tread pattern to ensure an excellent level of dry and wet grip, a high silica loaded tread compound and the use of functionalized polymers, to provide not only grip but also low rolling resistance.


All Formula E races are held in city centres – this means the tyres are used on tarmac just like a normal street tyre. Did Hankook use technologies that are normally used for passenger car tyres when it comes to the tyre tread?

Yes, street tarmac is quite different to racing track tarmac. The tyres have to run on various road conditions including uneven and slippery surfaces. It means tyre wear resistance becomes crucial. So, we developed performance race tyres on a par with our ultra-high-performance tyres for consumers - with strong durability, dynamic pattern and technologies in our tread compound that have already been successfully used in passenger car tyres.

In the development process, Hankook took some of the technology from normal PCR tyre development for low rolling resistance and low noise.


Was Hankook well equipped for this great Project as technical partner of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship?

Hankook was ready for this as we have accumulated not only a proven track record in motorsports with more than 20 years of experience, but also years of experience in sustainable technology. We have been researching and developing EV tyres even before EVs were commercialised. By integrating our knowledge of and technology for EV tyres with technologies for racing tyres, we were able to create bespoke tyres with innovative technology that can produce the most powerful performance for Formula E.


What are the dimensions of the iON race and what kind of tyre size would it be for a passenger car?

The dimensions of the iON race are familiar from the passenger car segment: 255/40 R18 on    the front axle and 315/40 R18 at the rear.



Hankook EVolution Technology

Hankook EVolution Technology integrates all of Hankook Tire's technology expertise in driving performance and optimizes it for electric vehicles.
This advanced technology resolves the 'Trade-off' phenomenon and delivers everything that is required by electric vehicles: a quiet ride, high load bearing mileage performance, energy efficiency, outstanding grip, and reliable handling, etc.

Low Noise

Hankook Sound Absorber™ is the pinnacle of noise cancelling technology. iON is equipped with this technology to enhance the experience of driving electric vehicles.


Hankook Tire's third-generation compound was developed with grip additives and increased silica content to drastically improve tire abrasion resistance for optimal grip and mileage.

Low Rolling Resistance

Low rolling resistance (LRR) performance has been significantly improved with the application of a tread compound with enhanced abrasion resistance, thinner tread design, and a third-generation hardness compound with higher silica content. In particular, Hankook Tire's Curing Balance Optimization technology for low rolling resistance (LRR) can control the hardening of the tire, providing a safe and comfortable driving experience on any driving surface.

Handling (Grip)

iON applies EV contour technology with increased lateral stiffness to provide a flexible and accurate handling performance in electric vehicles that are 20-30% heavier than vehicles with traditional internal combustion engines.

Combined with Formula E Technology

Formula E Technology and Hankook EVolution Technology.
Two innovative technologies have been combined to create a tire that has exceptional abrasion resistance, flexible yet accurate handling, and strong grip. Hankook Tire proudly produces the highest quality tires for Formula E.